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May 2018
Key moments

The key task for the European Union today is, of course, the immediate and maximum acceleration of political integration.

Anatoly Chubais
Chairman of the Executive Board, RUSNANO

We [Turkey] must develop active co-operation with Russia, because that is how we will guarantee our stability and our independence from the European Union.

Taner Yıldız
Minister of Energy of Turkey

We made a lot of progress. We need to go one step beyond that in order to make the capability real. The reason for this is to create transparency in the market’s mind.

Jim O’Neill
Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM)

We made a lot of progress. We need to go one step beyond that in order to make the capability real. The reason for this is to create transparency in the market’s mind.

Jim O’Neill
Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM)

The Next Big Thing is always going to be global, is always going to answer a human need, and is always going to fall into something that touches almost all of us.

Gerard Lopez
Founder, Mangrove Capital Partners; Founder, Genii Capital

We need to attract the best. That means focusing on the best students, focusing on the best teachers, and being uncompromising in this. As soon as you start compromising on quality in favour of quantity, you lose.

Yaroslav Kuzminov
Rector, National Research University of the Higher School of Economics

The creation of a Russian-Arab bank is key to facilitating joint investments.

Hassan Sentissi
Chairman of the Board, Rada-Holding; Co-chair of the Moroccan-Russian Business Council

Russia is no longer the country that Winston Churchill once described as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Sergei Ivanov
Chief of Staff, Presidential Executive Office

One of the things that crowdsourcing is allowing us to do with these kinds of new technologies is what I would call re-regulation. In other words, getting rid of and reducing red tape, but still allowing us to protect consumers.

Beth Noveck
Professor, New York School of Law

Household environmental responsibility means business, income and jobs.

Vsevolod Gavrilov
Head of Projects Management Department in Energy Saving & Nature Management, Sberbank

Experience shows that cooperation with Indian specialists and participation in the development of software and electronic devices – including consumer products – are extremely beneficial for accessing the global market.

Alexandr Gurko
General Director, Navigation-Information Systems JSC

Competition for people is intensifying year after year. Not only are there no longer any borders between countries; there are, in principle, no barriers to communication or to people moving around. Social barriers are falling, as are economic ones, and the question of competitiveness is becoming key.

Dmitry Livanov
Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The new style of capitalism is about the environment, about the employees, about the customers and also about the shareholders.

Kamran Elahian
Chairman and Co-founder, Global Catalyst Partners

Political stability is the foundation for the development of the economy and the investment climate.

Abdelkader Amara
Minister of industry, trade and new technology, Kingdom of Morocco

I think one of the mistakes that many countries are making is the focus on direct investments as money. Money alone will not create innovation.

Donald Almeida
Vice-Chairman, Clients and Markets, PwC

The heart of Europe’s problems, in my view—the Achilles' heel of Europe’s condition—is the state of our banking sector.

Lord Mandelson
Chairman, Global Counsel LLP; European Commissioner for Trade (2004—2008)

If an investor comes to do business and wants eventually to make money, there is nowhere better than Russia in the immediate area.

Mikhail Semenov
Chief Executive Officer, Renova StroyGroup

It is important that Russia’s predominant exports to India are not raw materials, but are goods with a high added value--technical output. India is a major supplier of pharmaceuticals for Russia; they account for over a quarter of Indian exports to Russia.

Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation; Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Indian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation

The special economic zone is like a child. You don’t just give birth to a child and then leave it alone, you have to nurture and grow the child, until it matures.

Wilfred Loo
Vice-President, JURONG Consultants

Moscow is favourable compared to other markets.

Dennis Nally
Chairman, PwC International