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May 2018
Key moments

The most important factor for global integration in taking its proper place in the world economy is to be able to gather brains together, to accumulate intellect and to build up innovative potential… The winner is the one that can export brains rather than lose them; exporting brains by creating new products and know-how.

Oleg Goshchansky
Chairman, Managing Partner, KPMG in Russia and the CIS

Investors like a good tax regime, but they also like a good return on investment.

George Magnus
Senior Economic Adviser, UBS Investment Bank; Author, ‘Uprising’

Global competition is very important... China is a nice export country in the world... China should try to strike a free trade agreement with Europe and that would bring competition to every industry.

Andy Xie
Independent Economist, China

I hope that the merger between the Federal Service for Financial Markets and the Central Bank will give us the necessary opportunities and tools to work toward faster responses, risk-oriented supervision, and appropriate penalties for market violators.

Dmitry Pankin
Head, Federal Service for Financial Markets

For those of us in the technology sector, I can honestly say that in terms of Russian–American relations, everything is fine.

Anatoly Karachinsky
President, IBS Group Holding

It's gotten to the point where a room-sized computer of 1978 — that fit on your desk in 1989 — now fits in your pocket. And for about 10 dollars you can put it on anything. We can put an entire PC on a toothbrush, on a door knob, make every device intelligent.

Paul Brody
Global Industry Leader in Electronics, IBM

The focus, to my mind, has to be on building talent, increasing liquidity and demonstrating that the legal system is predictable and independent.

Patrick Clackson
Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking, EMEA, Barclays

If we have in mind a new generation utilities sector, we should not only replace equipment or introduce new generation power systems, but also bring social rules up to date and reformulate attitudes toward grid operations. Tariff policies should also be defined.

Oleg Budargin
General Director, Russian Grids

We believe that African institutions should become stronger, and that only Africans have the right and the opportunity to resolve all of the problems facing their continent.

Mikhail Margelov
Special Presidential Envoy for Cooperation with Africa

When it comes to the role and place of development institutions, it’s safe to say that Russia has introduced serious and dependable vehicles, which thankfully can act as exciting and reliable partners for foreign investors who are committed to working with Russia.

Vladimir Dmitriev
Chairman, Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) State Corporation

We must understand that our economic growth today depends on entirely different factors than it did over the past 10 years.

Anton Siluanov
Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

I think we went through a very significant period in the high commodity cycle and the country benefited quite a lot from it. But I don’t think that there was enough investment into infrastructure and education in order to make this growth sustainable. Because cycles come and go, it is important to use the opportunity of a high cycle to invest for the long-term.

Nikolai Zelenski
Chief Executive Officer, Nordgold

Private development funds, an independent regulator, take-out financing and availability-based payments and annuity contracts are a way, a good way, to move forward for Russia.

Amitanh Kant
Managing director, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Corp Ltd

During the last two decades the life-expectancy for newborn children has increased by 5 years.

Zbigniew Derdziuk
President, Polish Social Insurance Institution ZUS

In the West, we see that many businesses are moving toward environmentally friendly production, and not just to comply with the law, but because this helps them maintain their competitive niche, as consumers are now demanding that companies operate according to completely different standards.

Andrei Elinson
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Basic Element; Chairman of the Board, Basel Aero

In reality, technology knows no borders. Furthermore, a reason for going global is to keep one’s technological level competitive.

Serguei Beloussov
Senior Founding Partner, Runa Capital; Founder, Parallels, Acronis, Acumatica, Rolsen

Еhe diversity and abundance of our natural resources allows us to have an impact on global processes, including environmental protection.

Sergei Donskoy
Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation

As it was structured more than 10 years ago, which was a single package of amendments to WTO rules simultaneously on 20 chapters, this will not unfold anytime soon… ministers have been wise enough to understand that if this large packet of amendments has stalled at the moment. They can take from the “low-hanging fruit”, starting this year with a big multilateral agreement to simplify and standardise customs procedures, which have become twice as much of an obstacle to world trade as tariffs.

Pascal Lamy
Director General, WTO

In this worldwide economy – and we think about the world without borders and boundaries – when you’re building something, collaboration across boundaries is really important: collaboration across companies, often collaboration across countries, as well as collaboration across academics and business people.

William Savage
Vice President, Intel Corporation

Even a small business today could be a global business. Of course, the large businesses are global businesses, but even a small business can be a global business because today the internet allows you, and technology allows you, to tap into these markets.

Kris Gopalakrishnan
Co-Founder, Executive Co-Chairman, Infosys