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June 2017
17 June
Panel Session


10:30-11:45 Pavilion G, Conference Hall G5
Since its introduction at SPIEF 2014, the Index has proven to be an effective tool for assessing the efforts of public authorities at all levels, in particular, their success in improving the business environment in the regions, and has become an effective instrument for identifying and propagating the best governance practices in the country. Which regions are achieving the biggest advances in rankings? How does the business community participate in the work of regional project teams? What initial results are being seen from the educational programmes aimed at implementing best governance practices?
Andrey Sharonov, Rector, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Andrei Belousov, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Andrey Nikitin, Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Front row participants:
Maxim Akimov, First Deputy Head of the Government of the Russian Federation
Valery Fedorov, Director General, Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM)
Alexander Kalinin, President, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opora Russia
Sergei Katyrin, Chairman of the Russian Section of the SCO Business Council; President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Mau, Rector, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Alexey Repik, President, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia); Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; Founder and Chairman, R Pharm
Ilya Semin, Director, RANEPA Centre for Development of the Regions
Alexander Shokhin, President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)


There should be more and more governance at the local level, with greater transparency and accountability.

Igor Shuvalov
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

Governors would do better to fully assume the management of territorial administrations, with the exception of the law-enforcement system.

Igor Shuvalov
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

A mechanism has been created that helps us improve. For now, we may not have the ideal framework for our dream, but the parameters of reform have been set anyway.

Igor Shuvalov
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation