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June 2017
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The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC)
Regional Partner

The U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC),a premier trade association based in Washington, DC with an office in Moscow, represents the trade and investment interests of its U.S. and Russian member companies. The USRBC seeks to expand and enhance the U.S.-Russian commercial relationship by engaging in advocacy efforts with both the U.S. and Russian governments on behalf of its members; assisting member companies with troubleshooting and new business development; providing information and analyses to support business decisions; and facilitating access and networking opportunities, including briefings with government officials and private-sector leaders.

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The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR)
Regional Partner

The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR) is an independent lobbying body that represents and promotes the economic interests of its Franco-Russian member companies.

The CCIFR has been operating in Moscow since 1997, when the Le Club France was created. The business club developed naturally, becoming the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2006 after becoming a member of the Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad (UCCIFE), the first private network of French companies in the world, represented in 78 countries and incorporating over 25,000 companies.

Led by a team of permanent professionals under the authority of 18 volunteer administrators, the CCIFR is a nonprofit association financed mainly by contributions from its 300 members. Receiving no public subsidies, and not being under any kind of governmental supervision, the CCIFR is the legitimate, objective and independent voice of the Franco-Russian business community.

Its work is concentrated in 3 main areas of activity:

  • Building the business community: organization and staging of sectoral committees (Customs/Logistics/Certification, Tax & Accounting, Marketing & PR, HR), business presentations and B2B meetings, cultural events, and delegations from regional companies;
  • Lobbying: consultations and dialogues with French and Russian private and public policy makers, with support of its numerous partners (business communities, governments, politicians and regional organizations). The CCIFR has signed cooperation agreements with more than fifteen governments and Chambers of Commerce and Industry in various Russian regions;
  • Support for companies: support for establishing and developing French businesses in Russia, and Russian investment in France.

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The G1 Institute
Regional Partner

Founded in February 2009 with the aim of becoming a Japanese version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, G1 became a general incorporated association in April 2013. The G1 Institute provides a platform for learning, discussion, and action by leaders from various industries. With the goal to re-vitalize Japan, it holds seven large events each year (the G1 Summit, G1 Global Conference, G1 Executive Conference, G1 New Leaders' Summit, G1 Regional Meetings, G1 Venture, and G1 College). Ten members have become ministers in the Japanese Cabinet. Its recent activities include forums, committees, and initiatives to put new ideas into action, including its own think tanks focused on culture and technology. G1 also published this year’s English translation of the 100 Actions project, a “quiet revolution” to re-energize Japan.

The Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce (HRCC)
Regional Partner

The Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce (HRCC), founded in Athens in 1995 by Hellenic and Russian business leaders, has been functioning as an independent, non–profit organization for more than 20 years, promoting mutual economic and trade relations between the two countries.

HRCC services focus on offering practical tools to enhance members’ export activities and competitiveness:

  • Promoting members’ interests to government authorities in both countries
  • Organizing business missions, trade fairs, and seminars, and supporting the participation of Hellenic and Russian companies in such events
  • Organizing bespoke business missions with a targeted programme of meetings
  • Providing information about the credibility of companies in Greece and Russia
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Forwarding promotional materials to partner organizations in Greece and Russia
  • Making lists of potential partners in both Greece and Russia

To conduct its activities successfully, the HRCC established strategic and business councils in Russia. It regularly cooperates with all state institutions and public services in both countries and has developed a powerful network with reliable chambers and business associations in Greece and Russia, thereby earning international recognition.