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May 2018
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Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Regional Partner

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

The Economic Chamber represents the interests of Austrian enterprises. The Chamber members include more than 480,000 companies. As a strong mouthpiece for its members, the Chamber focuses on pursuing a forward-looking and business-friendly policy, for example, easing the tax burden, reducing bureaucratic barriers, and various business support measures. As a modern service provider, the Chamber provides quick and competent advice on a wide range of issues, from legal to customs issues. Thanks to its own training centres and centres of excellence, the Chamber of Economics helps to increase the competitiveness of the domestic economy.

Akvaplan niva     2
Akvaplan Niva
Regional Partner

Akvaplan-niva is a research and consulting company with headquarters and a laboratory in Tromsш (Norway). Its staff includes 120 scientists. The company is the founder of the Arctic Frontiers Conference and the organizer of its secretariat. Since its foundation in 2007, Arctic Frontiers has become the largest annual conference on the Arctic.

The event is dedicated to the sustainable development of the Arctic region and is held in January in Tromsш. The main topics at the forum are “the policy of Arctic territories”, “the science of Arctic territories”, and “the business of Arctic territories”. The “Youth of Arctic regions” section is a platform used to envolve young participants who are concerned about the Arctic. A number of parallel events take place within the framework of the Arena of Arctic Territories: seminars, panel discussions, round tables, as well as cultural and social events. The conference is attended by more than 2,000 representatives  from 34 Arctic and non-Arctic countries. Cooperation with Russia has always been a priority of Akvaplan-niva and Arctic Frontiers. In 2014, Akvaplan-niva and the Russian Geographical Society, the founder of the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ forum, signed a cooperation agreement.

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Regional Partner

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • is a non-governmental non-profit organization operating according to the Law of the Republic of Belarus on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • is the leading business association in the Republic of Belarus with 65-year history
  • incorporates more than 2000 members representing the whole range of Belarusian entrepreneurship ranging from the representatives of small businesses to large enterprises and holdings, ministries and state committees
  • is an organization integrated into the World Chamber System

Services provided by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • foreign economic activities
  • exhibition activities
  • assessment
  • examination
  • certification
  • ATA Carnet execution, verification and issue
  • business education and consulting
  • patent and licensing
  • information and publishing
  • BelCCI International Arbitration Court

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Regional Partner

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is an independent, non-governmental, business-expert interest association of legal entities and individuals who work in registered economic activity. Enterprises involved in different activities and belonging  to all economic branches represent all business entities. As a business interest association, the Chamber’s main goal is to represent the common interests of the enterprises and other commercial entities before the state authorities and organizations, entrusted with establishing the economic system, economic policies and the business environment. As a place for meetings and negotiations, the Chamber authorities are working to harmonize the interests and activities of companies, definition of joint presentation, exchange of experience, initiation of mutual business contacts, etc. This professional business institution also provides information to its members and offers expert assistance and consulting services about the market, companies, production, exports and imports and other business information, such as on the business environment, issues concerning the economic legislation and elaboration of ideas related to investment opportunities.