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May 2018
El Salvador stands for strengthening of energy cooperation with Russia

El Salvador advocates strengthening of energy cooperation with Russia, foreign minister Hugo Martinez said on Friday after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

"Opportunities for bilateral investments in gas sphere, in energy and pharmaceutics were discussed at the meeting," Martinez said. "Furthermore, we raised the issue of liquefied natural gas supplies and expansion of fields in Salvador. Cooperation in the fisheries sector was discussed. We have huge potential in development of fishery in the Pacific," he said.

"Russia and El Salvador have high potential in other sectors of the energy branch as well," Martinez added.

"It is important to develop interaction between banks that will finance all these projects," El Salvador’s foreign minister said. "Such cooperation should be developed to promote trade exchange between our countries," Martinez said.

"Russia is a fundamental partner for us. We will continue working towards improvement and strengthening of bilateral ties with Russia," he added.


Source: tass.com/economy