24 25 26
May 2018
ASI and Roscongress Foundation propose to declare 2018 year of ‘Made in Russia’ national brand

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI) and the Roscongress Foundation have proposed that 2018 be declared the year of the ‘Made in Russia’ national brand.

 Plans for the year include the creation of a national communication strategy aimed at promoting the Russian Federation’s production, export, cultural, tourism, and human capital.

“Making 2018 ‘Made in Russia’ Year will not only facilitate the development of a national communication strategy, but also help to showcase, far and wide, Russia’s production, export, cultural, tourism, and human capital. Taking into account the importance of 2018 in establishing the trajectory of development for the next five years, creating the right agenda with respect to the nation’s goals and involving the public in all areas of the economy will help to set the right tone for working together and achieving outstanding results.”

Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation

“The concept for the ‘Made in Russia’ national brand includes promoting each and every sector of the economy. It creates an opportunity for multiple previously proposed initiatives to be successfully implemented; ideas such as the ‘Year of Enterprise’, ‘Year of Theatre’, and ‘Year of National Unity’, among others. At the same time it will enable us, in an important election year for the country, to formulate a unified national communication strategy to promote the Russian Federation’s production, export, tourism, cultural, and human capital, and also to keep people informed about achievements and successes in these areas, with the objective of raising public awareness and encouraging active public involvement across all sectors of the economy.”

– Svetlana Chupsheva, CEO, ASI

“Making 2018 the year of the ‘Made in Russia’ national brand is the right approach and a necessary strategic initiative. It represents a practical solution to the challenge of forming a unified national communication strategy, which is of great importance to the government, and also of creating an entirely new, up-to-date image for Russia, free of the traditional stereotypes.”

Alexander Stuglev, Chief Executive Officer, The Roscongress Foundation