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June 2017

How can I pay the participation fee?

Once participation in the Forum has been confirmed, a contract is created for each Forum participant and posted electronically in your personal web office. As soon as the organizers receive your signed copy of the contract, payment options will appear in your personal web office: you may print the invoice for payment by bank transfer or bank card. You must pay the participation fee within five business days of signing your contract.

If you are unable to pay the Forum participation fee in advance, you will be able to pay in person at the Forum central venue, at one of the Forum’s cash desks, in cash or with your bank card. 

Please note that for payments made by cash or bank card during the Forum, the payment currency will be Russian roubles, and a 5.5% commission fee will be applied.

Is a discount offered for several participants from the same organization?

No discounts will be offered for participation in SPIEF 2017. Within the quotas, the number of registered participants does not affect the registration fee. 

Please note that if the quota for the number of participants from a given company is exceeded, the participation fee will increase. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the quota system (maximum number of participants from any one company) and the participation fee in the Participants section of the website.