Securing the Future
Pavilion 8А, Congress Hall


Key moments

It will take leadership from all sides, including government and business, to get us through this crisis.
Sauli Niinisto
The time has come for the G20 to assume the burden of effective leadership. That means the G20 must not turn into an elite club that is concerned exclusively with its members; egotism and backroom deals do not add stability and trust. The G20 needs to be the arena where fair rules are worked out for the sustainable development of the entire global economy.
Vladimir Putin
We shall not depart from the principles of free movement of capital, and we are not going to bring in any restrictions. We are well aware of how important certainty is in this issue for investors who are planning to invest their capital in Russia.
Vladimir Putin
We have to fight for investment and offer conditions that no one else can, so that the investor will choose Russia. That is why we believe a key issue of state policy is the creation, not simply of a favourable, but of the very best, competitive investment climate.
Vladimir Putin
Honest and fair privatisation, which is tearing the cord between “property” and “power”, is the most powerful and realistic measure for fighting corruption.
Vladimir Putin