Russia’s New Horizons
Pavilion 4, Conference Hall 4.1

Alexander Brechalov , Co-Chairman, All-Russia People's Front; Secretary, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Sergei Borisov , Vice President for Small Businesses Development, Sberbank
Artem Konstandyan , President, Promsvyazbank JSC
Peter Lindholm , Lead Innovation Advisor, The World Bank
Sergei Morozov , Governor of Ulyanovsk Region
Andrey Nikitin , Acting Governor of Novgorod Region
Michael Harms , Managing Director, German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations

Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Nikita Belykh , Governor of the Kirov Region
Alexander Galushka , Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Andrei Sharonov , Dean, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Key moments

The state should take on a more active role, at all levels, from the municipal to federal government, to incentivize and develop entrepreneurship, to create the infrastructure… government should be a driver of business.
Alexander Brechalov
If you want to have innovative regions, let’s start with innovative administration.
Peter Lindholm
Small business in the municipalities is not just of economic value; it is also a major social part of our life.мо
Sergei Morozov
It would be correct for the state authorities to officially fix in the legislation a “grandfather clause” in relation to foreign investment: we do not have the right to worsen the situation with small business after a decision is taken.мо
Sergei Morozov