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31 May – 3 June 2017

Design 24/7. Eco-Technologies: A Fad or a New Reality?
ARTPLAY Spb art space, 3, Krasnogvardeyskaya Ploshchad

An exclusive evening event created especially for visitors to Russia’s cultural capital, ‘Design, Science and the Future’ will showcase future technologies, smart textiles, smart jewellery, interactive objects, the science of personal branding, the use of lasers in treating stress, and a fabulous first look at a new fashion collection.


- Secrets from a Trendsquire (Moscow/Paris) expert

- ‘Future Technologies Here and Now!’, an interactive laser show from the Lux Aeterna Theatre. - An artistic eco-performance from the Art&Science group on how art and technology is becoming art.

Première of Far Away KINGDOM, a new collection by Russian designer Polina Raudson, integrating future technologies.

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M-1 Challenge 79 international mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament
Yubileyny Sports Palace, 18, Prospekt Dobrolyubova

To mark its twentieth year, M-1 Global will treat spectators to ten exciting and uncompromising mixed martial arts matches. The most talented, decorated, and entertaining MMA fighters from around the world will step into the hexagonal ring and take each other on to claim the title of strongest fighter on the planet. The highlight of the evening will be a fight involving the legendary Russian MMA superstar Alexander ‘Storm’ Shlemenko. This will be a truly unforgettable celebration, and one of the most thrilling sporting events this summer.

Premium Package participants may attend the event by invitation. You can find detailed information in your personal web office.

Grand opening of the ‘Silk Labyrinth’ exhibition
KGallery, 24, Nab. Reki Fontanki

The ‘Silk Labyrinth’ exhibition is an artistic and educational event which will provide a glimpse into the wonderful world of twentieth-century fashion design, giving visitors an opportunity to learn the history of sought-after accessories and listen to interesting lectures. Around 50 extremely rare designs have been provided to the exhibition by the Maison Carré Foundation, the largest private collection of Hermès silk scarves. Visitors will be able to trace much of the history of Hermès’ iconic scarves and mark 80 years since they entered mass production. In addition to the scarves themselves, the exhibition will feature some original sketches and the source materials which inspired the artists to create these designs. A multimedia display will give a visual demonstration of how Hermès scarves are made.

Premium Package participants may attend the event by invitation.

Classical Music in the Castle
Mikhailovsky) Castle 2, Sadovaya Ulitsa
An evening of classical music with a programme featuring lead soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre Maria Bayankina and Alexey Markov, the St. Petersburg Concert Choir conducted by Honoured Artist of Russia Vladimir Begletsov, the opening of the St. Petersburg Through the Eyes of Angels: Views from St. Isaac’s photography exhibition, a performance by Moral Code X, and exclusive guided tours of St. Michael’s Castle in Russian and English. Premium Package participants may attend the event by invitation. You can find detailed information in your personal web office.
India Reception given by the Confederation of Indian Industry
Krysha Hall, Grand Hotel Europe (Belmond), 1/7, Ul. Mikhailovskaya

The evening will feature a colourful programme of entertainment, including dance performances, an Indian fashion show, and Bollywood musical accompaniment. In addition to immersing themselves in Indian culture, guests will also be able to sample the variety of Indian cuisine, and establish business contacts with the large Indian delegation in a relaxed setting.

Premium Package participants may attend the event by invitation. You can find detailed information in your personal web office

Charity auction in aid of the Konevsky Rozhdestvo-Bogorodichny monastery
Elena Tsvetkova House of Jewellery showroom 18, Angliyskaya Naberezhnaya
As part of the celebrations marking the 625th anniversary of the founding of the Konevsky Rozhdestvo-Bogorodichny monastery set to take place in June 2018, the Elena Tsvetkova House of Jewellery has received a blessing to create a Eucharistic collection (employing the incredibly complex technique used to make stained glass enamel) and to collect contributions towards creating this collection for the Monastery.
Items from the Orthodox collection will be on display at the charity auction: icons, Easter eggs, portraits of saints created using the ancient technique of gold-plating by hand, frescoes (including those with mother-of-pearl), filigree, precious stones and pearls, and enamel work (including stained glass enamel).

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Zvenigorod Armoury’ exhibition of archaeological discoveries
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, 64, Peterburgskoye Shosse

The ‘Zvenigorod Armoury’ exhibition of archaeological discoveries has been curated using items excavated at the Central Ring Road construction site near the town of Zvenigorod, in Moscow Region. Among the exhibits, there are a large number of wonderfully preserved items illustrating religious devotion, daily customs and habits, and armaments. The crowning glory of the collection are the unique military helmets belonging to Ivan the Terrible’s ‘hand-picked thousand’, his corps of elite troops in sixteenth century Russia. Guests and participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be able to see these incredibly rare discoveries during the period May 31 to June 3, 2017.

The exhibition is located in pavilion H, in front of the entrance to the Governors’ Club.

Russian Industry 2.0 photo exhibition ‘Investment: Aiming for Results’
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, 64, Peterburgskoye Shosse

A major photo exhibition illustrating the activities of Russian and foreign companies which have been successful in Russia and are cooperating with local producers, steelworks, ship- and aircraft-builders, and many other industries. The exhibition beautifully demonstrates the country’s enormous potential and will help to persuade foreign investors of the profitability of investing in the development of various Russian industries.

The exhibition is located in the Governors’ Club, pavilion H

Exhibition: The Best of Winter Insomnia 2017
St. Petersburg State Capella Choir 20, Naberezhnaya reki Moiki

The works by contemporary artists presented in this exhibition were created in-situ, directly inspired by listening to live music at the St. Petersburg Capella. The pieces were produced during the ‘Petersburg. Winter. Jazz.’ masterclass, held at the Capella in February 2017. Also on display will be new work by artist Ashot Khachatryan, created as part of the ‘Artists Paint Music’ project during a concert given on May 24, 2017 by the St. Petersburg State Capella Symphony Orchestra and conducted by People’s Artist of the USSR Vladislav Chernushenko.

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Excursion: 500 Years of Russian Singing Tradition, or 300 Steps of a Russian Emperor
St. Petersburg State Capella Choir 20, Naberezhnaya reki Moiki

This excursion will take you on a journey through centuries of Russian singing tradition: the traditions and particular features of Russian choral singing, the long history of the Capella, the roles of the Russian tsars and emperors in its development, and the life of the Capella today. Those who attend will discover parts of the historical Capella building which are not usually seen by audiences, and will find themselves immersed in the creative atmosphere of the oldest concert hall in Russia.

The excursion is available by advance request. More detailed information can be found in your personal web office.

Guided tour of Presidential Library: Bringing Together Past and Future
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library 3, Senatskaya Ploshchad

The Library is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Senatskaya Ploshchad, opposite the Bronze Horseman. Visitors will have an opportunity to spend time in the refurbished interiors of the Synod building, built by Carlo Rossi, to take in an exhibition on the history of the building, and to see unique documents from the repositories of the first national electronic library in Russia. Guided tours will take place twice daily, at 16:00 and 19:00. Groups should assemble and participants meet their guides in the main foyer of the Presidential Library.

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‘So Easy To Be Nearby’ photo exhibition
1–3, Ul. Malaya Konyushennaya (at the corner of Cheboksarsky Pereulok)

The ‘So Easy To Be Nearby’ outdoor photo exhibition is the result of a cooperative project between two charity organizations, the Zvyozdy detyam (Stars for Children) foundation and Down Centre.

The photos depict children with special needs meeting well-known stars. The organizers hope to draw public attention to these children and help them find their place in life.

The exhibition is open around the clock.

Catherine and Alexander Parks
7, Sadovaya Ul., Pushkin

The magnificent palace complex at Tsarskoye Selo would not be complete without its parks, the most important of which, Catherine and Alexander, are named after the palaces that grace their grounds.

Catherine Park is divided into two parts – the regular Old Garden and an English landscaped park. Symmetry lies at the heart of the design of the Old Garden, with the palace at its centre, and strictly mapped out avenues, squares, pavilions, and sculptures.

Alexander Park spans around 200 hectares and flanks the courtyard of Catherine Palace. It is also divided into a regular part (the New Garden) and a landscaped park.

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‘Russia in the Great War’ exhibition in the Martial Chamber
5A, Fermskaya Doroga, Pushkin

This is the first museum in modern Russia dedicated to the tragic World War I period (1914–1917). It is located in the Sovereign’s Martial Chamber, conceived by Emperor Nicholas II as a pantheon of military glory.

On display at the exhibition are genuine military and household items belonging to those who took part in the First World War, as well as documentary and photographic materials from the Tsarskoe Selo Museum Reserve collection. In addition, interactive multimedia stands will tell the full story of the events of the war and those who participated in it.

Tickets for entry can be purchased at the museum ticket office.

‘The Arsenal of Tsarskoye Selo: The Imperial Arms Collection’ exhibition in the Arsenal building
Alexander Park, Pushkin

The ‘Arsenal of Tsarskoye Selo: The Imperial Arms Collection’ exhibition, curated in conjunction with the State Hermitage Museum, first opened in 2016. The exhibited items include a collection of Eastern bladed weapons, firearms from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and European arms and equipment from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including armour, helmets, halberds, swords, and horse harnesses. The State Hermitage contributed some rare items from its collection for temporary display, including some sixteenth century armour from Nicholas I’s collection.

Tickets for entry can be purchased at the building’s ticket office.

Fabergé Museum
Shuvalov Palace 21, Nab. Reki Fontanki

The Fabergé Museum, in the Shuvalov Palace, houses the world’s largest collection of works by the House of Fabergé. Here you can not only appreciate the exquisite jewellery masterpieces from the Imperial Easter Series commissioned by the two last Russian Emperors, but also cabinet gifts, lapidary art, silver, enamel, and jewelled Russian icons, all crafts in which Fabergé specialized.

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Russian Museum. Michael (Mikhailovsky) Palace
4, Inzhenernaya Ul.

Michael Palace houses the Russian Museum’s main collections. It was built for Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, one of the sons of Emperor Paul I, and designed by Carlo Rossi. The museum is home to works by Ivan Aivazovsky, Karl Bryullov, Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Surikov, Léon Bakst, Konstantin Korovin, Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, and other artists.

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Russian Museum. St. Michael’s (Mikhailovsky) Castle
Russian Museum. St. Michael’s (Mikhailovsky) Castle

St. Michael’s Castle is a cross between a medieval knight’s castle and a noble eighteenth-century European palace. Emperor Paul I commissioned Italian architect Vincenzo Brenna to build him this ceremonial residence to the Emperor’s own design (1797–1801). The palace halls house the permanent exhibition ‘Faces of Russia: Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum’, the Open Sculpture Fund, and original sculptures from the Summer Garden. Temporary exhibitions are also held (Leonid Krivitsky).

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Russian Museum. Marble Palace
5/1, Millionnaya Ul.

Built by Antonio Rinaldi in 1768–1785. It was used as a residence by Grand Dukes. The interior decoration of the palace is a rare example of the use of natural stone, with almost 30 varieties of marble and granite. Some of the palace’s halls house permanent exhibitions: the ‘Rzhevsky Brothers Collection’, the ‘Rooms of the Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov’, and the ‘Ludwig Museum at the Russian Museum’. There are also temporary modern art exhibitions (Hunt Slonem).

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Russian Museum. Stroganov Palace
17, Nevsky Prospekt

This palace, which once belonged to the famous Stroganov family, is one of the best examples of Russian baroque architecture (built in 1754, architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli). Later redevelopment and interior decoration was carried out by Andrey Voronikhin, Carlo Rossi, Pyotr Sadovnikov, Harald Julius von Bosse, and others. The palace features a unique series of restored rooms and temporary exhibitions (‘Anna Azbel: Childhood Portrayed’).

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Russian Museum. Benois Wing
2, Nab. Kanala Griboedova

The Benois wing was created in 1910–1912 by architects Leon Benois and Sergey Ovsyannikov. It is now home to permanent exhibitions of Russian art from the turn of the twentieth century, and temporary exhibition halls (‘Vasily Vereshchagin: To the 175th Anniversary of the Artist’, ‘The Art of Novgorod the Great in the Time of Prelate Macarius’).

Access is available to Premium Package participants upon presentation of a badge.

Mariinsky Theatre
1, Teatralnaya Ploshchad

Prokofiev, Betrothal in a Monastery. Lyrical comic opera.

Mariinsky II
34, Ul. Dekabristov

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake. Fantastical ballet.

Mikhailovsky Theatre
1, Ploshchad Iskusstv

La Sylphide, ballet in two acts.

Music by Herman Løvenskiold.

This ballet, which maintained the romantic dancing style for many years and became one of biggest theatrical legends of the nineteenth century, comes to our stage in Danish choreographer August Bournonville’s version. The illusiveness and unattainability of one’s dreams are revealed through the story of James, a young Scotsman. He has promised his heart to a girl from the local village but then comes across an enchanting spirit of the air, the sylph. Having forsaken everything on Earth, the young man attempts to get close to this spectral beauty.

Alexandrinsky Theatre
6, Pl. Ostrovskogo

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake.

Performed by the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre.

Performance by Yuri Bashmet and the All-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra
Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, 20, Ul. Pisareva (entrance at 37, Ul. Dekabristov)

The All-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra was established in 2012. The first line-up, led by Yuri Bashmet, included 90 young musicians aged between 10 and 22 from 35 Russian cities. The orchestra was formed on the basis of a national competition that was unique in terms of its idea and scope.

The first part of the concert will feature young musicians performing as soloists. The second half will include Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch (soloist Yuri Bashmet) and Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van Beethoven.