The Changing Economics of Transportation and Logistics

Panel Session
Congress Centre, Conference Hall D1

The potent combination of innovations in transport, communications, and logistics for goods, services, and people is heralding a change in the way people make decisions on localities. Developments in transport and logistics can play a crucial role in global socioeconomic development, giving rise to new markets, innovative businesses, and new lifestyles, as well as expanding career prospects, and accelerated technological and social trends promise to impact work, life, and urban development. What are the key innovations that are transforming the economics of logistics and distance, and how far in the future will they begin to transform societies? What new business models should we anticipate? What does this mean for an individual’s relationship to work and lifestyle choices as distance no longer acts as a major barrier to interaction?

Yury Spektorov , Managing Partner, Bain & Company CIS

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty , Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Uber Technologies Inc.
Bruno Di Leo , Senior Vice President, IBM Corporation
Albert Eganyan , Chairman of the Board of Directors, InfraONE
Anton Inyutsyn , Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Sergei Kelbakh , Chairman of the Board, Russian Highways
Fang Liu , Secretary General, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Alexander Misharin , First Vice President, Russian Railways
Maxim Sokolov , Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Front row participants:
Juha Jarvinen , Chief Commercial Officer, Finnair Oyj