Programme 2017 - SPIEF Presentation Area

Investment Zones: What Conditions Create a Region?

2 June 2017, 11:50 –13:20
Pavilion H, SPIEF Presentation Area

In order to modernize the country, an effective policy aimed at stimulating the development of regional economies is vital. What drives today’s inflows of investment? What conditions have been created in the regions to attract partners? What does the future hold for Russian investment zones? The opportunities and investment areas in Yaroslavl, Tula, and Novgorod Regions, and the Republics of Crimea and Tatarstan, as well as an innovative medical cluster in Mineralnye Vody (North Caucasus Development Corporation) will be presented in the form of a blitz session.

Moderator :
Alexandrova Irina , Russian News Agency TASS

Speakers :
Aksenov Sergey , Head of the Republic of Crimea
Dumin Alexey , Governor of Tula Region
Epifantseva Marina , Head of Information and Analytics, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency
Kharitonov Sergey , General Director, North Caucasus Development Corporation
Lipatov Oleg , General Director, Tula Region Development Corporation
Melnikov Andrei , Minister of Economic Development, Republic of Crimea
Mironov Dmitry , Acting Governor of Yaroslavl Region
Morozov Oleg , Chief Executive Officer, Republic of Crimea Development Corporation
Nikitin Andrey , Acting Governor of Novgorod Region