Smart Environments: A New Level of Urban Development

24 May , 15:00–16:15
The Global Economy in an Era of Change
Panel Session
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G7

Today, the service sector accounts for 70% of global GDP and urban infrastructure plays an increasingly important role in securing its success. Hectic city life demands constant improvement of the comfort level provided by the urban environment. Meanwhile, investment in pedestrian routes, recreation zones, the development of street-based retail and the entertainment industry, transportation links, and the modernization of public infrastructure is creating new jobs and an increase in tourist activity, leading to accelerated economic growth and improved living standards. The modernization of the urban environment has also progressed to a new level, focusing not on improvements per se, but on the creation of an entirely new quality of life. The launch and implementation of the Russian Smart Cities project for the 2018–2019 period will allow diverse approaches and technologies to be tested, with the aim of rolling out the most effective solutions across the nation. What role will the government, business, and citizens play in shaping this environment? What know-how has emerged in Russia, and what opportunities are available for foreign investment? How can any populated area be transformed into a convenient, lively, active, and economically independent space? How does a city become a pilot city for the Smart Cities project? Can we turn cities smart across the nation or will only a few of them succeed? How could Russia become a trendsetter in the development of urban technologies?

Ignat Bushukhin, Editor-in-Chief, "RBC Real Estate"

Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin
Alexander Brechalov, Head of the Udmurt Republic
Veniamin Golubitsky, President, KORTROS
Igor Kustarin, Director of Regions Development Direction, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Mikhail Oseevskiy, President, Rostelecom
Joe So, Chief Technology Officer Industry Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Andrey Chibis, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ

Front row participants
Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga Region
Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa
Etienne Guyot, General Director, Paris Chamber of Commerce
Marina Kovtun, Governor of Murmansk Region
Oleg Mamaev, President, "Leader-Invest" JSC
Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region
Maksim Reshetnikov, Governor of Perm Territory
Sergey Sitnikov, Governor of Kostroma Region
Alexander Tsybulskiy, Acting Governor of Nenets Autonomous Area