Forcast-2100: Technologies of the Future?

25 May , 12:00–13:15
Technology for Leadership
Panel Session
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G3

Progress in the modern world is unthinkable without the development of science and technology, and without the implementation of technological innovations. Rapid technological developments in all areas of life are posing new challenges for humanity. Revolutionary developments in medicine, computing, energy, quantum physics, and space travel are changing our lives and altering the course of our civilization. How will our lives be different in 80 years, and what will the world look like in 2100? If our minds take charge of computers, what will happen to art, and how will we connect to the global information pool? Artificial organs, flying cars, incredible life expectancy and prolonged youth – all of these are forecasts stemming from the world of science.

Sophie Shevardnadze, Journalist, Anchor

Sadhguru ., Yogi and Mystic; Founder, Isha Foundation
Michio Kaku, Professor of Physics, Co-founder of String Field Theory, Futurologist
Dmitry Mednikov, Deputy General Director, Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
Dmitry Morozov, General Director, BIOCAD