Transitional World: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

24 May , 15:00–16:30
Technology for Leadership
Sberbank Plenary Session
Congress Centre, Congress Hall

Industrial revolutions have always been based on individual technologies: steam engine, electricity, transistor, or the Internet. But in the past years we have witnessed an essentially new paradigm, both daunting and mesmerizing: an exponential rise of technologies across all the industries. Economic modalities shift, human relations evolve, the boundary between the real and the virtual disappears. This is an inflection point that obviously will not last forever. We live in a transitional world. We are moving towards a reality where AI will take up the routine jobs, renewables will replace oil, biotech will resolve the shortage of drugs. Keeping up with the pace of change is difficult. Since 2000, the disruption of conventional business models caused the extinction of a half of the Fortune 500 companies. In the transitional world, the trailing countries are quickly turning into donors of capital for disruptive industries of the leaders. How can states, companies and people not lose themselves on the digital map of the world? How can they adapt to the new realities?

Herman Gref, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Sadhguru ., Yogi and Mystic; Founder, Isha Foundation
Maxim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Meir Brand, Vice-President, Google Inc.
Peter Diamandis, Founder, Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation Inc.
Guo Ping, Rotating Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering, Polytechnic Faculty of New York University