"Lost in the Newsreels" immersive exhibition at the Lenfilm Studio

18 Jun , 12:00–20:00

This large-scale installation will show visitors how films were made and history was captured, how people fought and lived during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. The project, showcasing the documentary filmmakers of the 20th century, can be found in Lenfilm Studio's biggest pavilion. Its heroes are cameramen, news photographers, actors and studio employees. The timeline leads visitors from Lenfilm through the Izhora Plant's workshop and the fields of the Leningrad Region to the Arctic Circle, the Caucasus mountains and the Reichstag. The exposition comprises 15 different episodes connected by a single route and audio story. Full-size elements of buildings, models of equipment and figures of heroes have been recreated in the halls. The project has been brought to life by the Nevsky Batalist creative association with the help of a grant from the Russian President, awarded by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

For SPIEF badge-holders