Odyssey (water and circus musical)

18 Jun , 13:00–15:30

The world of ancient Greek myths comes to life in the circus arena, which has been transformed into an endless sea. The audience is immersed in a new reading of Homer's poem of the same name, told through the expressive means of circus, theater and operetta.
In "The Odyssey" complex circus acts are successfully combined with opera vocals, laser show and synchronized swimming. The role of the main character is performed by Alexei Konovalov, winner of international vocal competitions. The music was written by the composer Svyatoslav Melik especially for this performance, and the orchestra creates a special atmosphere, immersing the viewer in the very depths of the story.
The creators of the extravaganza sought not only to entertain the audience, but also to acquaint them with the ancient myths, as well as to touch on important themes of good and evil for everyone.

Tickets to be booked by participants separately