St. Isaac's Cathedral State Monument Museum

06 Jun , 10:00–18:00
4, St. Isaac’s Square

The St. Isaac's Cathedral Monument Museum is one of the most significant art museums in Russia, which enjoys fame around the world. St. Isaac's Cathedral is a unique monument of Russian architecture and one of the most outstanding cathedrals in Europe. It is an exceptional example of Russian church art. Decoration of the cathedral includes the largest collection of Russian monumental paintings of the mid 19th century, totalling more than 150 works. Among them are works by famous artists Vasily Shebuev, Karl Bryullov, Fyodor Bruni. Over 300 statues, sculptural groups and reliefs were made by Ivan Vitali. More than 60 mosaic works by Russian masters play an important role in the artistic and decorative ornamentation. Of undoubted interest is one of the largest stained-glass windows in Russia with an area of 28.5 square metres.

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