Eugene Onegin. Pages of the novel

06 Jun , 20:00–22:00
Special event
Palace Square

Featuring St Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by People's Artist of Russia Alexander Chernushenko

Selection of works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

"Eugene Onegin" by the author's definition is a novel in verse, which combined the way of life, culture and nature of vast Russia, idealistic aspirations of romantic heroes and the unevenness of their fates, encounters with awe-inspiring feelings, as well as bitter inability to recognize possible happiness and passing of true love. Vissarion Belinsky said it best: “Onegin" is the most heartfelt work of Pushkin, his most beloved brainchild. One couldn’t point out too many works of art in which the personality of the poet would be reflected with such a fullness, light and clarity, as Pushkin’s personality is reflected in "Onegin". It contains all of his life, all of his soul, all of his love; here are his feelings, concepts, ideals.” The theatre has decided to present the audience with the power and tenderness of Pushkin's Word, combining its sound with the great music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Melodies from the operas "Eugene Onegin" and "Queen of Spades", the ballet "Swan Lake", the piano cycles "Seasons" and "Children's Album" and symphonies will be performed. On stage, the voices of the Lensoveta Theatre masters reading the pages of the novel will enter into dialogue with the Capella Symphony Orchestra.

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