"Nabokov's Petersburg" Walking tour

08 Jun , 16:00–19:00
47, Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa

The Nabokov Museum launches excursions along a new route in the vicinity of the writer's house. Those who wish will be able to follow the footsteps of Nabokov's childhood memories and learn more about the neighborhood at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
The walking part of the tour is dedicated to the key places for the Nabokov family. The walk will start at 47, Bolshaya Morskaya, which was given to Vladimir Nabokov's parents as a dowry in 1897 and where the writer himself was born in 1899. The visitors will plunge into the history of the street, which is the same age as St. Petersburg itself. They will visit St. Isaac’s Square, which used to be Mariinskaya Square when the Nabokovs used to live here, and where little Volodya used to walk with his governess. Your guide will cover the story about the Mariinsky Palace, where meetings of the Provisional Government, of which Vladimir Nabokov, the writer's father, was a member, took place. The participants of the walk will be told what role the Astoria Hotel played in the events of the February Revolution and how it affected the Nabokov family. After the excursionists will go to Pochtamtskaya Street, where once stood the church where the Nabokovs baptized their eldest son Vladimir. The final point of the walking tour will be Bolshaya Morskaya: the visitors will be told about the history of House No. 47, its architecture and the changes it has undergone for almost 300 years.
The second part of the tour will take place in the Museum of Vladimir Nabokov which was opened on the ground floor of the family mansion. Visitors will see the museum exposition with memorial items belonging both to the writer's family and directly to Vladimir Nabokov, as well as partially preserved interiors of the dining room, the Green Drawing Room and the library.

June 5, 7, 8 excursions start at 16 pm and 18 pm
June 6 excursion start at 15 pm

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