Teenagers in the Creative Economy: On the Path to Dreams and New Opportunities

08 Jun , 12:00–13:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B4

The number of teenagers working in the creative sector of the economy is significantly increasing. The participation of young people in strategically important sectors of the economy is a major resource for ensuring the country’s sustainability and socioeconomic development. For creative businesses, teenagers are not simply a talent pool, although career new guidance formats definitely help raise the exact kind of employees that a specific business needs, primarily the creative industry. What aspects of employing teenagers in the creative industries need to be thoroughly revised? What are some of the special aspects and difficulties of developing creative entrepreneurship among young people? How can we protect children’s intellectual copyrights? Where do young creative entrepreneurs get ideas for real business projects?

Maria Lvova-Belova, Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for Children's Rights

Anna Afanaseva, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Open Championship of Creative Competencies Art Masters
Evgeniy Ivashkevich, Rector, Central University
Anna Kislitsyna, Rector, A.L. Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry
Igor Namakonov, General Director, Federation of Creative Industries
Antonina Priezzheva, HR Director, Gazprom-Media Holding
Maya Rusakova, Director of the Center for Applied Sociology, St. Petersburg State University
Daniil Chugunov, Head for Development of Student Direction, HeadHunter

Front row participant
Ivan Skvortsov, Chairman, Children Public Council in St. Petersburg