Fashion without Borders: Local Brands in the Global Market

08 Jun , 14:00–15:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
Congress Centre, zone D, conference hall D4

Russian fashion brands are constantly looking for new ways to expand into foreign markets. One of the most important trends of the past decade has been the increased interest in local stories and national dress. The fashion industry has global reach and it cannot develop without interaction at the international level and without attention to global trends dictated by the world market. Today, new opportunities are opening up for Russian designers and manufacturers to reach their audience with strong concepts and products. The BRICS countries, with their huge markets, are no longer just consumers – they are innovators of the latest fashion trends. How has the market changed with the departure of Western players in the fashion industry? What could kick-start the growth of the Russian fashion industry? What can the fashion industries of the BRICS countries offer each other? What kind of support ecosystem can be created for collaboration between large manufacturers and small and medium-sized brands? How interesting are brands from other countries to the mass buyer? What tools are needed to establish trade relations and exchange experience with representatives of the fashion industry from BRICS countries?

Yurate Gurauskaite, Creative Director, U Magazine

Alexey Aksenov, Chief Executive Officer, Omnidata
Mikhail Kolovangin, Lead Buyer, TSUM
Oksana Lavrentieva, Founder, OLOLOL
Evgeniya Linovich, Founder, Masterpeace
Julia Matvienko, Founder, JM Studio
Saeed Nikpour, Director of Development of the Iranian Fashion Market, Creative and Innovative Houses of Iran
Yanis Chamalidi, Designer