Unlocking the Cultural Code: How to Promote Culture, Traditions, and Art on the International Markets

08 Jun , 14:00–15:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
pavilion G, conference hall G5

In today’s world, the preservation and proper use of cultural heritage accumulated over centuries, which can enrich the global cultural landscape and form the basis of a new multipolar world order, is more important than ever. Cultural values, ideas and traditions influence the formation of national identity, and the fact that Russian culture is made up of multiple nationalities gives it an undeniable advantage when it comes to entering the markets of many countries. Content that shines a light on Russian culture, history and traditional values can be a key element in promoting the country’s cultural wealth. How do we discover the national code in a multinational country? Is there a demand for the Russian cultural code on the global stage? How can we reinterpret and reimagine centuries-old traditions in modern creative products while maintaining their authenticity? What support practices in the creative industry help Russian creatives bring their products to international audiences? What can modern brands do to contribute to the development of the creative industries, support Russian creators, and strengthen national identity?

Anna Lukanina, President, Association of Russian Branding Companies

Denis Aksenov, General Director, State Film Fund of the Russian Federation FSBIC
Gaukhar Aldyyarova, Head of the Moscow Division, Lesta Games
Olga Galaktionova, General Director, State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO
Sergey Emelyanov, Director, National Drama Theater of Russia (Alexandrinsky Theater)
Olga Zurashvili, Co-founder, Creative Director, Zurashvili Branding
Semyon Linovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Folk Art Crafts
Nikita Makarov, Artist,Ceramist; Founder, Makarov Ceramics
Elina Samarina, Chief Executive Officer of the company «Purpose.Development.Heritage»
Hans-Joachim Frey, Stage Director; Artistic Director, Talent and Success Foundation
Masoud Hassanlou, Head of Soft Technologies and Creative Industries under Vice President of Science of Iran
David Henderson-Stewart, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Raketa Watch Factory