Transformation of Urban Magnets in the Information Age: How Socio-Cultural Spaces are Changing and Will Continue to Change

08 Jun , 10:00–11:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
Congress Centre, zone D, conference hall D4

Across the globe, traditional cultural objects – theatres, libraries, museums – are being transformed from single-function buildings into multifunctional cultural centres that serve as a natural extension of urban public spaces. Today, cultural institutions form part of the city – spatially, psychologically and ideologically. New cultural spaces appear, going beyond the boundaries of the buildings. They appropriate the surrounding territories and change the cities themselves, becoming a source of pride, symbols of the city, drivers of development, and forming a new urban identity. And this is another way for the city to become visible on a national and global scale. What role do modern museums and exhibition spaces play in shaping the cultural landscape? How can a cultural space be transformed?

Oleg Rakitov, Director-Coordinator of Social and Cultural Programs, VEB.RF

Dmitry Barsenkov, General Director, Creative Industrial Cluster Octava
Polina Bondareva, Founder, Masters School; Director, Cultural space "Levashovsky Bakery"
Vadim Duda, General Director, Russian State Library
Tatiana Zhuravleva, General Director, Andrey Melnichenko Charity Foundation
Nikita Nichkalyuk, Director of the Department of Socially Significant Events, VK
Irina Sedykh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, OMK Uchastie Charity Fund