On Content and Competition: The Development of Russian Streaming Platforms

08 Jun , 12:00–13:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
pavilion G, conference hall G7

Having suffered an exodus of foreign content and seeing a serious transformation in the way content is produced, distributed and monetized, Russian streaming services have started to adapt to new realities, opening up a new competitive environment within the country. In the new conditions, platforms continue to strive to retain their audiences and meet the demand for diverse content. How can Russian video services promote content and interest viewers? What tools can be used to develop Russian platforms? What steps should these platforms take to become market leaders? How to effectively build a content strategy in the interests of consumers and the market?


Anton Volodkin, Chief Executive Officer, Wink
Gavriil Gordeev, General Producer, Okko
Yuliya Ivanova, General Director, Mars Media Entertainment
David Kocharov, General Producer, RUTUBE
Danila Ovcharov, General Director, YAPPY
Daria Pugacheva, Director of Research Department, Gazprom-Media Holding
Georgy Shabanov, Producer, General Director of All Media Company (a START company)