Education in the Creative Industries: Current Context and What the Future Holds

08 Jun , 14:00–15:15
BRICS Creative Business Forum
pavilion G, conference hall G3

In an ever-changing world, modern technology and fierce competition make education a key factor in the successful development of a creative economy based on innovation, creativity, and the ability to generate new ideas. Developing creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and the ability to collaborate is essential in the training of future professionals capable of transforming the economy in response to market demands. In the current conditions, a systemic approach to training specialists at various profiles involving structures of all levels and communication with partners from abroad is required. In joint projects, the “creative product” produced by the Russian side will serve as a strong bridge for intercultural dialogue. How can educational institutions adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the creative industries? What competencies will be in demand in the near future? What role does interdisciplinary education play in training specialists for the creative industries and what barriers need to be overcome for its integration? What technological innovations could revolutionize the learning process in the creative industries and how can we ensure access to these technologies for a wide range of learners? What formats for cooperation between educational institutions and representatives of the creative industries appear most effective for ensuring that educational programmes retain their relevance? How can we create an environment that promotes the discovery and support of talent in the creative industries and what tools can we use to achieve this?

Maria Sitkovskaya, Director, Universal University

Valery Belgorodsky, Rector, A.N. Kosygin Russian University for the Humanities
Konstantin Bogomolov, Art Director, Moscow Drama Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya
Nikita Gerasimov, Design Director of the Digital Corporate Bank Division, Sberbank
Grigory Zaslavsky, Rector, Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS
Gulnaz Kadyrova, Dean of the Faculty of Higher School of Management, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Igor Namakonov, General Director, Federation of Creative Industries
Artemy Ponyavin, Director of the Executive Committee, "National Delphic Council of Russia" All-Russian Public Organization
Anna Stepanova, Deputy Vice President for Education Projects, VK
Natalya Tretyak, General Director, Prosveshcheniye