Protecting against Hacking: How to Guard Information Security

06 Jun , 13:00–14:15
Open discussion
pavilion F, Point Junior, inner courtyard
Point Junior, The Content Foundation In partnership with OZON

Statistics show that a third of organizations around the world grapple with cyberattacks on a daily basis, and hacking and data theft attempts occur every 40 seconds. Meanwhile, there is an acute shortage of information security specialists on the market who can combat all these constantly emerging threats. It sounds promising from a career standpoint – low competition and high salaries. Moreover, cybersecurity issues not only can be addressed by creating and maintaining protection mechanisms, but also by searching for vulnerabilities. For example, the Ministry of Digital Development offered to pay out one million roubles for each hack of the Gosuslugi government services portal and the Russian e-government’s other infrastructure. What role does an information security specialist play in the current realities? Is this profession truly in demand? What does a career as an information security specialist look like on the Russian market today? What challenges do the government and business face in terms of data security? What is it like to fight hackers and how does this actually happen? Who are ‘white hat hackers’ and why do we need them?

Veronika Romanova, TV Presenter of the ‘Startup’ morning programme, RBC

Julia Voronova, Consulting Director of the Competence Center, PJSC "Group Positive"
Dmitry Gadar, Vice President, Director of the Information Security Department,Tinkoff
Vladimir Dryukov, Director, Cyberattack Monitoring and Response Centre, Solar
Alexander Shchetinin, CEO in Xello