Film distribution in the BRICS countries. New partnerships

08 Jun , 14:00–15:15
Social Agenda
pavilion G, Roscongress Foundation’s Social Platform

Changes in the key areas of the distribution of Russian content have made the issue of working in the BRICS+ countries and other friendly and neutral states particularly important. The starting point for establishing contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation would be to take full advantage of the integration potential of all the countries involved and develop joint “cross-cutting” projects such as international film festivals. Right now, the focus is on establishing cooperation between film distribution companies and searching for opportunities for the cross-distribution of films produced in the BRICS countries, which will strengthen cultural ties significantly and diversify the slate of films on offer. Digital, television, and PayTV distribution is another important area, as it makes it possible to minimize costs while at the same time reaching the widest possible audience. What barriers currently prevent Russian films from entering the BRICS+ markets? What support measures can the state and relevant intergovernmental commissions provide? What needs to be taken into account when localizing content? Can a single body be set up to coordinate these processes? Which digital platforms in BRICS+ countries and other friendly and neutral states are the most interesting in terms of hosting Russian content? Could a single brand and storefront for cross-cutting projects be created? What cultural and exhibition initiatives could content distribution and localization projects be linked with in the future?

Zhan Prosyanov, Film producer, CEO of

Sarfaraz Alam, Producer
Tamara Bogdanova, Producer, CEO of Kino Kult motion picture company
Anastasia Korchagina, CEO of Art Pictures Distribution
Olga Lesnova, Producer and General Director, VESNA FILMS
Katerina Mikhaylova, Producer, CEO of Vega Film motion picture company
Maxim Rogalsky, Producer and Managing Partner, Nashe Kino
Karina Mia Satlykova, Founder & CEO, Kunay Film
Polina Schlicht, CEO of Monumental Pictures, producer at Monumental Vision