Prof Insider with Stanislav Voskresensky

06 Jun , 10:00–10:50
Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum, 3th floor, Hilton Hall 3
SPIEF Academy, The Content Foundation

Prof Insider is a speaker series where experts from various industries share unique insights, key knowledge, and personal experiences to help young professionals and students better understand how to build their professional trajectories. The speakers will talk about what is truly important in their work, what has made them leaders in their field, the challenges and opportunities they face, as well as personal trends and innovations that have helped them on their career path.

Prof Insider aims to provide young professionals and students with valuable information and inspiration to help them better understand their future profession and prepare for a successful career. It is an opportunity to learn about the profession from the inside, hear real success stories, and get advice from people who have already reached new heights in their field.

Stanislav Voskresensky, Governor of Ivanovo Region