Re-Purposing Roads: Building Expressways to Boost Export Potential

06 Jun , 11:00–13:00
Business breakfast
By invitation
passage in zone H, Roscongress Club

The construction of expressways by Avtodor State Company contributes to the economic growth of the regions through which they pass, improves people’s quality of life, increases the mobility and business activity of regional residents, accelerates the development of production resources, and helps to develop interregional and international trade.
The geopolitical situation around the world has shown the importance of developing a network of highways as part of the Europe-Western China and North-South international transport corridors.
Additional land transportation routes need to be urgently built to handle growing trade with China and Southeast Asian countries.
How does the expansion of the highway network affect the development of cargo logistics chains and the geography of passenger travel?
What is the correlation between spending on transport infrastructure and the effects of its construction?
What should be Russia’s strategic focuses to develop its export potential in the current geopolitical realities?

Vladislav Onishchenko,