Living and being raising in a family: the practice of preventing orphans. The experience of business and charity

06 Jun , 09:30–11:00
Social Agenda
pavilion G, Roscongress Foundation’s Social Platform

A presidential decree has declared 2024 the Year of the Family, which means that special attention will be devoted to the promotion of the state policy to protect families and preserve traditional family values throughout the year. However, the theme of protecting families cannot be discussed without addressing the most vulnerable members of our society who have been deprived of a family – orphans. Research shows that Russia has more than half a million orphans. There are numerous reasons for social orphanhood – the financial insecurity of expectant mothers, the lack of psychological and family support, unemployment, and divorce. The study indicated that Russia currently has more than 5,000 registered organizations that help orphans. What methods today are helping us get closer to a future without orphans? What has already been done and what else do we need to do?

Maria Balandina, Managing Director, Friends Foundation

Marina Aksenova, Director, Children's Charitable Foundation "Sunny City"
Mikhail Volkov, CEO, Sberbank Insurance; Trustee, Find a Family Foundation
Alexander Dmitriev, Head of Marketing and PR, Credit Bank of Moscow
Saniyam Koval, President,Charity Foundation Give Sunlight
Anna Kotelnikova, Head of "Doroga Zhizni" Foundation
Zarema Makhmudova, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Dagestan on Interaction with NPOs
Alexander Tsypkin, Writer, Scriptwriter
Andrey Sharonov, Chief Executive Officer, National ESG-Alliance