Harnessing the BRICS Workforce Capacity to Develop the Russian Economy

07 Jun , 12:00–13:00
The Transition to a Multipolar World Economy
Congress Centre, zone A, 3rd floor, conference hall A
In partnership with Gazprom Neft

BRICS countries play a crucial role in the world economy given the current level of globalization and economic instability. Joint efforts to harness the organization’s workforce capacity could significantly bolster the positions of these countries on the world stage and contribute to sustainable economic growth and development. Each BRICS country has unique demographic and educational resources. For example, India and China have enormous youth potential and highly developed education systems, specifically for technology and engineering. Russia, for its part, is well known for its scientific schools and highly skilled professionals. Combining these resources could create a synergistic effect that enhances competitiveness in the global market. For major industrial companies in Russia, this discussion is particularly important in light of the current staff shortages. Joint projects with specialists from BRICS countries could lead to the development and introduction of new technologies, which is crucial to the modernization of Russian industrial enterprises. This would increase labour productivity, improve product quality, and reduce costs. What key competencies and skills of BRICS specialists could be most in demand in the Russian economy? What are the main obstacles to attracting foreign professionals to Russia and how can we overcome them? What support measures are needed to create favourable conditions for visiting foreign specialists to work in Russia? What successful examples already exist of Russian companies using the workforce capacity of BRICS?

Irina Bykhovskaya, Partner, Head of International Business, B1 Group

Kirill Kravchenko, Member of the Board, Gazprom Neft PJSC
Dmitry Platygin, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
Alexey Sitnikov, Vice President for Strategic Communications, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Vitaliy Terentyev, Director of Government Relations, HeadHunter
Julia Uzhakina, Director General, Rosatom Corporate Academy
Robert Urazov, General Director, Skills and Professions Development Agency
Huang Chunxia, Chairman, Sichuan Chunhui Cross-Cultural Exchange Corporation