Innovative Economy: From Digits to Data, from Technological Sovereignty to Technological Leadership

08 Jun , 08:30–10:30
Business Breakfast
IT breakfast
Congress Centre, zone E, business breakfast conference hall E9

Today, data is the new oil of the digital economy and countries must know how to properly work with it to ensure their technological leadership. For Russia, data is a value that can and should become a foundation for economic growth: industry experts agree that the data market in Russia could be worth as much as RUB 1.6 trillion in two years. For this process to be a success, a confident foundation is needed, namely the synchronized industry-wide position of business and experts. This includes such issues as embedding AI in industries, data-centric public administration, the development and expansion of platforms and ecosystems, the creation of a research track and personnel for AI, the regulation and ethics of the data economy, trusted infrastructure for processing, storing, collecting, and transmitting data, quantum technologies, information security, and more. What do businesses need to do today to further develop the digital economy, as well as build a holistic mechanism for collecting, transmitting, storing, and analysing information, while also maintaining the highest security standards. What kind of help is needed from the government? What kind of data market regulation helps or hinders its development. What measures need to be taken? What infrastructure could serve as the foundation for the development of the digital economy and big data. What changes have occurred in the market over the past three years? It is essential to talk about the protection of personal data and combatting leaks. What has changed? Are companies ready to export and when can they expect to achieve technological leadership?

Sergey Grebennikov, Director, Russian Association for Electronic Communications

Andrey Vorobiev, Director, Coordination Center for Top Level Domain RU
Dmitry Grigoriev, General Director, CIAN
Anton Dumin, Head of the Department of Information Technology, Automation and Telecommunications, Gazprom Neft
Aleksandr Egorov, General Direcor, Reksoft
Alexander Krainov, Director for Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Yandex
Andrey Kuzmichev, General Director, RU-CENTER; President, Foundation for the Development of Internet Technologies and Infrastructure
Valentin Makarov, President, RUSSOFT Association
Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SearchInform
Tatyana Matveeva, Head of the Presidential Directorate for the Development of Information and Communication Technology and Communication Infrastructure of the Russian Federation
Boris Nuraliev, Founder, Director, 1C
Sergey Plugotarenko, General Director, Digital Economy
Ilya Sivtsev, Chief Executive Officer, PJSC Astra Group
Mikhail Srodnykh, General Director, SKB Kontur
Vladimir Troyanovsky, Deputy General Director, National Payment Card System
Alexey Fetisov, General Director, T1
Darii Khalitov, Senior Vice President for Information Technology, Rostelecom
Alexander Khinshtein, Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications
Maksut Shadaev, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation