New Media of a Multipolar World

08 Jun , 10:00–11:15
The Transition to a Multipolar World Economy
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B2

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Traditional media outlets are being replaced by new ones that realize their ambitions on online platforms. Moreover, the audience’s interests and demands are so wide-ranging that uniting all users into a single social network would seem to be a dubious decision. This would disperse the audience across different platforms. As people lose interest in the traditional media format, several large niches have become vacant in the market, and recently new products have been seen appearing in seemingly forgotten areas. But these new media outlets are not completely replacing the old ones, but are rather engaging in ‘selective breeding’ as they develop and adapt formats, as well as modernize and capture lost audiences. The changes in the Russian media space are also due to the ban or withdrawal of certain popular foreign platforms. This has led to the intensive development of domestic resources, which have divided up the audience of Russian users depending on demands and needs. At the same time, any online platform dictates the rules of the game. This is clearly illustrated by Western global corporations and the platforms that are dependent on them. They strive to create a controlled information space in which polemics, discussions of sensitive issues, the condemnation of globalist and colonial sentiments, and any talk about traditional values and a multipolar world are unacceptable. Journalists and media professionals who are not ready to follow the guidelines of Western countries are not only finding it extremely difficult to work, but sometimes even dangerous. As such, the final

Alexander Machevskiy, Managing Director, VEB.RF

Yulia Ablets, Deputy Director General, Dialogue Regions Autonomous Nonprofit Organization; Founder, New Media Workshop
Aabhas Agarwal, Director, Navsrujan Innotech Foundation (online)
Anna Barinova, General Director, LOOKY
Maxim Iksanov, General Director, News Media (News Media media holding)
Elena Litovchenko, Deputy General Director, Ruwiki
Kristel Nean, Founder, International Reporters; graduate, New Media Workshop
Konstantin Ostrikov, Managing Partner, Deputy General Director, MAER Media holding
Sergey Stamboltsyan, General Director, PREMIER Online Cinema
Andrey Tsyper, Executive Director of Media, Rambler&Co
Liang Yu, Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences (online)

Front row participant
Jackson Hinkle, Blogger, Influencer, Political Commentator