Russia: Seizing the Opportunities
Panel Session
Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.1

Bureaucratic red tape, an underdeveloped infrastructure and financial sector, as well as the need to create greater competitive pressures for state-owned corporations are just a few of the key issues policymakers face as they seek to raise Russia’s competitiveness. What measures should the government take to boost competition? What confidence-building measures would give the business sector a sense that the competitive environment will see improvements?

Charles Robertson , Global Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital

Ruben Aganbegyan , Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation; Member of the Board of Directors, Otkritie Holding
Igor Lotakov , Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
Irackly Mtibelishvily , Managing Director, Chairman of Corporate and Investment Banking, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Citi
Andrei Nazarov , Co-Chairman, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Dr. Theodor Thanner , Director General, The Austrian Federal Competition Authority
Andrey Tsarikovskiy , State Secretary, Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation
Evgeny Yasin , Academic Supervisor, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Key moments

One of our objectives is drawing up and improving legislation in order to boost small and medium-sized businesses’ access to the resources available. Our ideology is pursuing the fairest distribution of these resources with the influence of the state kept to a minimum.
Andrey Tsarikovskiy
The risk of crisis is in that we start to focus on transitory problems without looking ahead at how we must change the operational environment of the company.
Igor Lotakov
It’s impossible to be both the biggest owner and regulator simultaneously for a long time. The state must cut its presence in the competitive sectors of the economy.
Irackly Mtibelishvily
A clear mega-trend affecting companies is the economic power shift. Emerging markets like China are no longer just sources of cheap labour. They are becoming consumer economies.
Igor Lotakov