Global Economy: New Challenges and Shifting Horizons
Sberbank Plenary Session
Pavilion 8A, Congress Hall

The government plays an important role in any country’s economy, and its significance for the economy of Russia can hardly be overestimated. Without a coherent government mechanism there can be no successful reform in the economy or the social security, which makes the reform of government the starting point for the changes required. The current situation gives a chance to start delivering on the promises. Firstly, the functions of the federal government must be clearly defined, and the powers must be clearly delineated between the federal government and the authorities on all the other levels. Secondly, a culture of client focus must be inculcated across the federal government. Thirdly, unified procedures of regular performance management must be introduced. Fourthly, human resources must be managed nationwide. A success of this reform will accelerate growth in the medium term. What measures to improve government performance should take priority? How does one achieve consistently higher efficiencies for the state apparatus?

Herman Gref , Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Mikhail Abyzov , Minister of the Russian Federation
Dominic Barton , Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company
Anthony Blair , Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997 - 2007)
Lim Siong Guan , Group President, GIC
Alexey Kudrin , Chairman of the Board, Center for Strategic Research Foundation; Deputy Chairman, Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation


Key moments

Any reform or radical transformations should be based on continuity and consistency even if they are revolutionary changes.
Mikhail Abyzov
Government should be smaller and smarter and more strategic.
Anthony Blair
Governments that have established effective institutions over the course of centuries that work to enhance the efficiency of the entire economy, political system and social system work for the entire population as a whole and achieve success.
Herman Gref
It’s really important to have people from public sector spending time in private sector and people in the private sector coming to the public sector. I think they can learn a lot from each other.
Anthony Blair