Russia: Seizing the Opportunities
Business Breakfast
Pavilion 5, Business Breakfast Hall 5.5

Creating regional centres where industry and technology companies can collaborate and leverage mutual competencies is a key strategy to delivering more balanced regional development. More recently, this approach has been coupled with support for SMEs, particularly in the fields of innovation and advanced technologies, as well as new opportunities in product manufacturing necessitated by import substitution policies. What further measures should be undertaken to implement a ‘cluster’ approach in Russia’s regions? How can this lead to increases in productivity and sustained growth?

Dmitry Schugorev , Anchor, Russia 24 TV Channel

Alexander Braverman , Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board, SME Corporation
Linan Wang , Chief Executive Officer, Hua Bao International Investment Company
Alfonso Vegara , President, Chief Executive Officer, Fundacion Metropoli
Mikhail Men , Minister of Construction, Housing, and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Jay Nibbe , Member of the Global Executive Committee and Global Vice Chairman – Tax, EY
Andrey Nikitin , Acting Governor of Novgorod Region
Iwao Ohashi , Advisor on Japan and APAC, Association of industrial parks in Russia
Dominique Fache , Director, Sophia Antipolis Foundation; Chairman, Russian Technology Foundation (RTF)
Oleg Fomichev , State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Igor Shuvalov , First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


Key moments

The authorities must work with business in order to implement the cluster approach. Everything now is in place for this, in spite of budget constraints.
Igor Shuvalov
Industrial parks and clusters are very attractive platforms and Chinese companies are ready to take part. However, the infrastructure of these parks requires comprehensive support from the government.
Linan Wang
Over the next ten years, the housing market will completely change. Within the scope of the cluster approach, this will be the answer to demands for a new quality of life – “Live, work, and develop.”
Igor Shuvalov
If you can find the infrastructure, incentives and information, this will help to attract investments and create an industrial environment for innovations.
Jay Nibbe