Russia: Seizing the Opportunities
Business Roundtable
Pavilion 8, Conference Hall 8.3

Within a volatile economic environment susceptible to external disruptions, the task of securing and expanding existing trade and investment flows is of cardinal importance. Russia and Greece have long-standing economic relationships and the context of the recent global crisis offers a window of opportunity to expand them for the benefit of both countries. What are the conditions underpinning the deepening of economic relations? In what ways can this bilateral co-operation boost the developmental potential of South-Eeastern Europe?

Alexander Murychev , Co-chairman, Russian-Greek Business Council for Cooperation and Investment
Christos Staikos , Chairman, Enterprise Greece

Maxim Sokolov , Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Giorgos Stathakis , Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism of Greece

Alexandros Angelopoulos , Vice President, Aldemar Resorts; First Vice President Eurasian Business Council
Velissarios Dotsis , Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Greece
Kostas Isychos , Deputy Minister of Defense of Greece; Co-chairman of the Joint Russian-Greek Commission on Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation
Dmitry Razorenov , Managing Partner and Director, SI Capital Partners
Valeriy Reshetnikov , Senior Vice President for Corporate Management and Strategic Development, Russian Railways
Yiorgos Tsipras , Secretary General for International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic
Frank Schauff , Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Businesses
Alexander Shokhin , President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)


Key moments

Greece could become a world between East and West, a bridge to cooperation with the European Union.
Yiorgos Tsipras
We should harness the potential our tourism sector represents. Tourism is a business, which means money, of course, but the most important things are culture and relationships.
Maxim Sokolov
Greece has always been a country that could smooth over the rough edges, thanks to which we have eased tensions and strengthened our economic ties, and this has been true with respect to Russia as well.
Giorgos Stathakis