Russia’s New Horizons
Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.1

Russian regions provide some of the most attractive returns on investment in the country. Yet small and medium-sized businesses in the regions lack the financing to reach their full potential. How can regional banks, particularly those located outside Moscow and St. Petersburg, support entrepreneurship in Russia?

Simon Nixon , Chief European Commentator, The Wall Street Journal

Sergei Borisov , Vice President for Small Businesses Development, Sberbank
Pekka Viljakainen , Advisor to the President, Skolkovo Foundation; Chairman, Aii Capital
Mark Haefele , Global Head of Investment, Chief Investment Office of Wealth Management, UBS
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Andrei Sharonov , Dean, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


Key moments

Russia needs new foreign investors... The more Russia is interlinked with the global economy, the more entrepreneurial skills will be transferred automatically.
Sir Suma Chakrabarti
If I want to triple my money, and I want to triple my money in the coming 5 or 10 years as a minimum requirement, I see Russia as SME market and the high-tech area is extremely-extremely attractive.
Pekka Viljakainen
For me the only way to really boost the topic of what we are saying here is to get business angels, venture companies, and funds who give the smart element, not only the money there, and make them fly faster into the region.
Pekka Viljakainen
Policies that are associated with strengthening macroeconomics and reducing the risk of deterioration in the business climate are absolutely essential. Without them, all other measures are less effective, or completely ineffective.
Andrei Sharonov