Russia’s New Horizons
Pavilion 4, Conference Hall 4.3

Select European industrial sectors view Russia as a possible partner in a Euro–Asia industrial bridge. How can Russian industrial development serve as a base for European–Asian trade and investment? What are the key sectors that could benefit from an extensive industrial base in Russia?

Ekaterina Trofimova , Chief Executive Officer, Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA)

Maxim Volkov , General Director, PhosAgro
Choi Kyong-lim , Deputy Minister for Trade, Industry and Energy, Republic of Korea
Klaus Mangold , Chairman of the Supervisory Board, TUI
Vadim Makhov , President, OMZ OJSC
Dietrich Moeller , President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Russia
Vladislav Soloviev , Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Board, RUSAL

Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Konstantin Ryzhkov , Director, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)


Key moments

It’s not just trade turnover, but also the exchange of technology and experience and the establishment of regular relationships, even in the area of culture, that should absolutely help to improve the economic prospects for all trading and business partners.
Ekaterina Trofimova
The real economy is the key component in Russia’s economic restructuring. This is where cutting-edge technologies are introduced and jobs for highly skilled workers are created, and, as a result, the standard of living rises.
Dietrich Moeller
One thing that can provide immediate help right now, in crisis conditions, is the exchange rate. This is true for exporters as well.
Vladislav Soloviev
The Russian economy has great prospects. In the long term it will be impossible to meet demand with imports alone, so production itself must be localized.
Dietrich Moeller