The Global Growth Agenda

Rapid population growth, urbanization, an expanding global middle class, and shifting consumption patterns are just a few of the factors expected to accelerate long-term energy demand. However, global investment standards are needed to ensure that energy sector infrastructure develops at a pace which can meet future demand.What steps should be taken to accelerate the required investment in energy sector infrastructure? What are the key supply bottlenecks that should be addressed?


Key moments

Misperception stands in the way of oil and gas industry development. A lot will depend on fiscal regime, governments’ attitudes and public opinion.
Dr. Daniel Yergin
There is a large demand for liquefied natural gas, and we must respond to this demand. We’re setting ourselves the target of boosting construction of liquefied gas production plants. We estimate that by 2020 the total amount of liquefied gas from Russia may increase to 35–40 million tonnes.
Alexander Novak
By using differentiated taxation we should be able to create the economic conditions for the profitable extraction of oil stocks that are difficult to recover. It’s a matter of discounts for the extraction of mineral resources that are difficult to recover. Calculating mineral extraction tax including these discounts provides the opportunity to make it profitable to extract and bring on stream additional reserves of approximately 2 billion tonnes. That is a real tax revolution.
Alexander Novak
Every serious nuclear power project consists of not only creating a generating facility, but also an entire industry which embraces R&D, the training of specialists, relevant regulations and new technologies. This is a major contribution to the future of the country.
Sergey Kirienko