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To effectively achieve energy efficiency, a number of factors should be considered: the degree of price liberalization, changes to regulation, devising an incentive system to spur the deployment of advanced technologies, and managing environmental factors – just to name a few. All the while policymakers must also recognize the cost-benefits and potentially painful process of retooling industrial sectors, modernizing systems, and jobs restructuring. Thus, an effective policy requires skilful management and close coordination from both the public and private sectors. What are the critical next steps in shoring up Russia’s competitiveness in terms of energy efficiency, and what are the realistic time frames in instituting measures? How might the experience of the US, Germany and China inform Russia’s strategy, and to what are the limitations to foreign approaches as it applies to the Russian context?

Maxim Filimonov , Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Editor, TASS Russia

Dmitriy Konov , Chairman of the Management Board, SIBUR Holding
Alexander Novak , Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Anatoliy Tikhonov , General Director, Russian Energy Center of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Jean-Pascal Tricoire , Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Alexander Chuvaev , Executive Vice President, Head of Russia Division, Fortum Corporation


Key moments

(Energy efficiency) forces economic growth, you can see this in other parts of the world, it stimulates the development of the SME sector, it raises industrial competitiveness …, and it’s also key on the agenda of Russia’s 2020 presidency.
Maria van der Hoeven
Our target by 2020 is to save a further 11% of our energy use, household by household. … If Russia was as efficient in energy use as the average OECD country, Russia would be saving the same amount of energy as Britain is consuming.
Michael Fallon
There is an urgency for energy efficiency which starts to be integrated in a country; this we see with our customers. First in energy intensive industry, it’s a question of competitiveness.
Jean-Pascal Tricoire
I truly believe that those people who are not engaged in energy efficiency through modernisation will eventually disappear from the market. They will not be able to survive as businesses.
Dmitry Konov
Energy efficiency is a great incentive for the development of the economy, but it’s not a separate part of the economic activity, and all sectors should be engaged in energy efficiency.
Alexander Novak