The Global Growth Agenda
Pavilion 4, Conference Hall 4.1

Global demand for new infrastructure over the next 20 years is projected to reach a remarkable USD 24 trillion. However, the right incentives and models need to be put in place to ensure that these projects can find the financing, and that they are economical. What are the priorities in global infrastructure development and what are the most effective public-private financing structures? Which PPP models are proving most effective in generating private sector interest in investments? How can major infrastructure expenditure be managed to assure maximum ‘bang for the buck’?

Gleb Bryansky , Head of Economic Division, Russian News Agency TASS

Amitabh Kant , Managing Director and CEO, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Ltd.
Igor Levitin , Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation
Vadim Mikhaylov , Senior Vice-President, Russian Railways
Dennis Nally , Global Chairman, PwC
Yuri Soloviev , First Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board, JSC VTB Bank


Key moments

Private development funds, an independent regulator, take-out financing and availability-based payments and annuity contracts are a way, a good way, to move forward for Russia.
Amitanh Kant
For our part, we are fully ready to participate in the development of any project, from the starting stages to the financial closing. We rely on international experience, since we have international partners in all our projects.
Yuri Soloviev
On 12 June 2013, 30-year papers at an “inflation+1” rate were issued for the first time ever in Russia. This was an unprecedented step for the Russian stock market, and for developing an instrument for investing pension funds into infrastructure projects in general.
Vadim Mikhailov
The life cycle of an infrastructure project is longer than that of the government that makes the decision to start it. It’s important to make sure that these cycles don’t affect the project itself.
Igor Levitin
All too often government are treating infrastructure on a project by project basis. Governments should establish a comprehensive multi model infrastructure investment plan that relies on private investment.
Dennis Nally
Government should look beyond project-specific public-private partnerships toward much broader public-private cooperation. Many countries are realising value by expanding the participation of the private sector in infrastructure beyond financing and delivering it to include an active role for private players in identifying and scoping projects – finding ways to get the private sector involved along more of the infrastructure value chain.
Dennis Nally