Securing the Future
Panel discussion
Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.1

While the emerging economic powers are gaining greater global prominence, a new generation of entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo and reshaping the global business environment. How are BRICS entrepreneurs impacting the competitive landscape, what challenges must they overcome to remain globally competitive, and what social impact are they seeking to have?

Ruben Vardanyan , Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Artem Avetisyan , Director of the New Business Department, Agency of Strategic Initiatives; Chairman of the Non-Governmental Organization Leaders Club
Kirill Androsov , Managing Director, Altera Investment Fund; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aeroflot
Maxim Volkov , General Director, PhosAgro
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Leonid Kazinets , Chairman, Barkli Corporation
Gerard Lopez , Chairman of the Board, RISE Capital
James Turley , Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Ernst & Young Global

Lawrence Wright , Startup Project Director, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Ekaterina Trofimova , Chief Executive Officer, Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA)


Key moments

The creation of an ombudsman position [for the protection of entrepreneurs' rights] and establishment of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, which appeared not long ago for the purposes of supporting business, shows the Russian President’s attention to the problems businesses face. Most importantly, it is a sign that the authorities have started paying closer attention to the problems of business.
Artem Avetisyan
In Russia, an entrepreneur is a person who is constantly protecting their resources, despite the abundance of natural resources in the country in which they reside.
Kirill Androsov
Many of the most successful entrepreneurs I ever meet around the world from any country, they fail the first time, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and they do it again, and again and again. And this is precisely what characterizes entrepreneurs.
James Turley
Business is still a man’s game, although that situation is changing and the share of working women in the world, and in Russia, is growing considerably.
Ekaterina Trofimova
Open style of management and transparency that what is usually missing in many of BRICS countries. If you want to have the trust of the investors, if you want to have the trust of your employees, your customers, in that openness and transparence are the key.
Kamran Elahian