Realizing Russia’s Potential
Industry breakfast
Pavilion 5, Business Breakfast Hall 5.5

Russian IT and Internet companies are well placed to take advantage of global trends in the sector and gain a leading position in emerging niches. How will the sector make the transition from emulating foreign solutions to establishing and promoting unique domestically made products and services? What other measures should be taken to nurture Russia’s Internet economy?

Denis Viktorov , Editor-in-Chief, Business Journal

Igor Agamirzian , Chief Executive Officer, RVC
Sergei Andreev , President, Chief Executive Officer, ABBYY
Igor Ashmanov , Chief Executive Officer, Ashmanov and Partners
Arkady Volozh , Principal Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Yandex
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Dmitry Grishin , General Director, Group
Alexandra Johnson , Managing Director, DFJ VTB Aurora; President, The Global Technology Symposium
Arkady Dobkin , Chief Executive Officer, President, EPAM Systems
Aleksandr Egorov , General Direcor, Reksoft
Dmitry Loschinin , President, Chief Executive Officer, Luxoft
Valentin Makarov , President, Russoft Association
Sergei Plugotarenko , Director, Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)
Andrew Sviridenko , Chairman, Founder, SPIRIT DSP


Key moments

Our assets include human capital. Our liabilities include our mentality, a habit of turning in on ourselves, a habit of seeing ourselves as the centre of the world. In the global context, Russia is far from the centre of the world.
Igor Agamirzian
I believe that good projects will emerge only when global leadership, global success become the scope, the target.
Alexander Egorov