Leadership Series: Conversations to Make a Difference
Pavilion 8, Hall 8.3

Chrystia Freeland , Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital

Oleg Deripaska , President, Member of the Board of Directors, RUSAL


Key moments

In long term, I believe, Russia will have great potential, but we are still in the process of modernising our industries.
Oleg Deripaska
We [Siberia] will be able to provide a platform which will benefit not just Asia but also the European part of Russia.
Oleg Deripaska
I think the only thing that will change Russia is not demonstrations in Moscow, it is business opportunities in the region, more jobs that we will create in small businesses.
Oleg Deripaska
If we focus on problems, how to solve them, how to make life for business easier, then business will turn around and produce more jobs, more people who will be capable of moving Russia forward.
Oleg Deripaska