Pavilion 3, Amphitheatre

The dynamic development of the use of renewable energy in the world and in the EU over the past 10 years has led to a new understanding of the directions for the development of electrical power. Renewable energy accounts for more than half of all new capacity introduced for electrical power generation. Research in the field of renewable energy accounts for around 60% of the patents and know-how in the field of power generation. The use of renewable energy is developing rapidly both in countries which are completely supplied with hydrocarbons (Canada, Norway, Denmark) as well as those with limited natural fuel resources (Germany, Spain, France).

1) Does the presence of unique supplies of hydrocarbon raw materials present an obstacle to the development of the use of renewable energy?
2) Is the large-scale use of renewable energy in Russia an innovative direction for the development of the electrical power industry, or it is opening the national market for the technologies of the leading Western players?
3) Will technology transfer and the localization of production make it possible for Russian companies to reach the international level of technology?

Dominique Fache , Director, Sophia Antipolis Foundation; Chairman, Russian Technology Foundation (RTF)

Jens Peter Saul , Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Wind Power
George Rizhinashvili , Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, RusHydro
Fabricio Hernandez , Deputy Minister for Energy, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain