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The defence industry has an ambitious technology agenda including the development of supersonic aircraft, pioneering new spacecraft and related platforms, and advances in nuclear technology, to mention just a few. But major international joint-government collaborations are increasingly rare. The ‘Manhattan Project’ today is not possible. Innovation is coming out of the private sector, and the world’s leading powers must bring together major industry players with technology innovators for the joint development of next-generation systems.

1) What are the current trends in defence aviation and shipbuilding, as well as small arms and equipment for ground forces?
2) How has the traditional relationship between the state and the private sector changed over the past decades?
3) Can technological advances in the defence industry be applied to the private sector, and where are the synergies?
4) Is the system of industrial compensation in military equipment purchases a tool for developing the civil sector or an obstacle?

Joe Pappalardo , Senior Editor, News, Popular Mechanics

Giuseppe Orsi , Chief Executive Officer, Finmeccanica
Mikhail Pogosyan , President, United Aircraft Corporation JSC
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Alexey Repik , President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Roman Trotsenko , Chairman of the Board of Directors, AEON Corporation