Spurring Growth While Mitigating Risks
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Encouraged or implored by the media frenzy that surrounds any prominent international conflict, politicians and statesmen have increasingly been relying on sanctions to hurt an unfavorable regime. But sanctions impact economic interests on all sides – a loss of capital for one is a loss of profit for another, and a closing of a market for an exporter means scarcity of goods for the importer nation. With Russia in the InfoWars cross-hairs, is it possible for international business players to resist the hype and focus on maximizing economic opportunity?

Peter Lаvelle , Anchor, RT

Ben Aris , Editor-in-Chief, Business New Europe
John Laughland , Director of Studies, The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation
Alexander Mercouris , International Law Expert
Sebastian Sass , Policy Advisor for EU-Russia Energy and Infrastructure Projects, Sass Consulting
Pepe Escobar , Correspondent, Asia Times

Key moments

“However strongly you try to impose your narratives, the facts do, I think, in the end win true.”
Alexander Mercouris
“The obligation that comes with our profession is to provide objective information to the reader.”
Ben Aris
“Social media bring a whole new balance between the former, you could say, ‘big power houses’ of communication and individual people and organisations.”
Sebastian Sass